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Jake Rakes Up 250


Last Saturday Night Jake Spruhan played his 250th Big V Game. Fittingly the Division 1 Men were able to get the win with an emphatic 25 point win over Sunbury. This Sunday the club will honour Jake as he celebrates his 250th game at home against Chelsea.

Blackburn Vikings: Thanks for joining us. Congratulations on reaching 250 games, how does it feel to get this far?
Jake Spruhan: Thanks for having me. It feels strange to have played so many games, in many respects I still feel like one of the younger guys on the team even though I’m old now. I’m happy to have been in the league as long as I have.

BV: So what have been some of your other highlights in your career?
JS: The obvious ones are winning championships with Sherbrooke in 2006 and 2008. The other is scoring 50 in a Youth League game in 2009, while a mate of mine, Luke Shelley, was defending me. We played together a few years back and he says he doesn’t remember it happening, so I make sure to remind him about it every so often. I’ll probably tag him when this interview goes on Facebook.

BV: When did you start playing Big V?
JS: I started in 2006 as a rookie and was fortunate enough to watch guys like Matt Cannon, Adam Dixon, Tariq Naqqash and Dave Naylor take us to a championship.

BV: And what made you come to Blackburn?
JS: I needed a fresh start, and Casey Chan and Shannon Kendall wouldn’t stop telling me to come here.

BV: How have you found the culture at Blackburn?
JS: The culture is awesome here. It’s the perfect mixture of mateship and competitiveness.

BV: How do you rate your team’s chances this season?
JS: We are currently sitting at 12-2 and haven’t yet played our best basketball, so I rate our chances pretty highly.

BV: If you could offer any advice for young players what would it be?
JS: Be the hardest worker on the court. Even if your skill isn’t quite there, the hard work will get you noticed and you will improve much faster.

BV: Is there anyone you want to thank or give a shout out to?
JS: There are heaps of people to thank. Most notably my Dad, he has always supported me in my basketball, even when it kills him to see me play for a rival club. Everyone from Sherbrooke, Warrnambool and Blackburn deserves a thanks, because I’ve learned something valuable from each person involved in those clubs.

BV: 250 games, is that something you set out do? How many games do you have left?
JS: I never really thought about what number I’d play. I just love being out there on the court competing. I’ve got a fair few years left as long as I stop breaking ribs and avoid other injuries, I’ve still got young legs.

BV: Thanks Jake. Congratulations on reaching 250 games!

The Blackburn Vikings will honour Jake’s 250th game with a special presentation prior to the game this Sunday, July 9 at 3.00pm at Knox Basketball Stadium, Park Crescent, Boronia as the Division 1 Men take on the Chelsea Gulls. Tickets are available at the door and are just $6 for adults and $3 for kids. All Vikings juniors in their uniform are admitted free.

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