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Page Aims at 150 Games


Big V Veteran Aimee Page recently played her 150th game against Coburg on the road. Unfortunately the team were unable to get the victory on that day. However this Saturday the team will looks to make amends as we celebrate her 150th game as the team returns home to take on the Craigieburn Eagles. We caught up with Aimee prior to the game.

Blackburn Vikings: Thanks for joining us. Congratulations on reaching 150 games, how does it feel to get this far?
Aimee Page: Doesn’t seem like I’ve been playing a long time, but then I look around at all the young talent we have a realise that yep its been a while. Feels good to be able to still run around and play the game.

BV: So what have been some of your other highlights in your career?
AP: 2010 Youth League winners with Diamond Valley, 2013 Youth League runner up with Hawthorn. Funnily enough I played against Vic Sumskas in the 2010 game and with her in the 2013 season.

BV: When did you first start playing basketball?
AP: A loooong time ago…maybe 95’, 96’

BV: When did you start playing Big V?
AP: Train on spot in 2008 and first reason season in 2009

BV: And what made you come to Blackburn?
AP: Can’t help follow an amazing coach, Bucks taught me a lot last year so followed him over, then found out the amazing welcoming and family culture that Blackburn has to offer.

BV: How have you found the culture at Blackburn?
AP: Definitely, an amazing culture here. The girls were and are so welcoming to new comers. They love to joke and laugh but when its time to get down to it they can all flat out ball. Couldn’t ask for a better bunch of girls.

BV: You were named captain in your first season at Blackburn, how did that feel? Have you ever been captain before?
AP: Very humbling feeling. Being new to the club and seeing the girls have that faith in me to lead them is an honour really. I haven't been a captain before so its all new learning experience for me.

BV: How do you rate your team’s chances this season?
AP: Early injuries have hurt us a little, but we’re a new team and have so much more growing to do. I think we’re really starting to get a hold of how each others plays and how Bucks wants the game to run. Just have to knuckle down the next few weeks and secure a finals spot.

BV: If you could offer any advice for young players what would it be?
AP: Take some little piece of information from every coach you have, never know when it will come in handy. Your teammates are your family! You can bicker all you want but you have each others back.

BV: Is there anyone you want to thank or give a shout out to?
AP: Always need to thank my family. Couldn’t ask for a better support network. If I could thank everyone I would but we’d be here for a long, long time. So blanket thank you statement to everyone that has made the game so enjoyable over the years.

BV: We celebrate Megan Shanahan’s 100th game as well on Saturday. Is that a special feeling?
AP: It’s definitely a special feeling to share a milestone celebration with a teammate let alone share with a good friend. We're very fortunate have Megan play with us, such a talented experienced player, she’s a great senior leader and one I have huge appreciation for. It’s well eared milestone for her.

BV: Thanks Aimee. Congratulations on reaching 150 games!

Aimee will celebrate 150 games this Saturday at 8.00pm at Knox Basketball Stadium, Park Crescent, Boronia against Craigieburn Eagles. Tickets are available at the door and are just $6 for adults and $3 for kids. All Vikings juniors in their uniform are admitted free.

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