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Tommy Gun gets a Ton


Youth League Stalwart Tommy Williams played his 100th Big V game at just 20 years of age at Kilsyth last Saturday evening. The team were unfortunately pipped in overtime despite being massive underdogs. On Sunday the club will celebrate Tommy’s 100th game as they return home to face the Melbourne Tigers. We caught up with Tommy ahead of Sunday’s game.

Blackburn Vikings: Thanks for joining us. Congratulations on reaching 100 games, how does it feel to get this far?
Tommy Williams: Thanks for having me, it feels good! I feel like it has come pretty quickly.

BV: So what have been some of your other highlights in your career?
TW: There have been a few, but the four major ones would be:
Winning the Under 12 VC Championship
Touring the USA for basketball
Getting a triple double in a Big V Game on my 18th Birthday
Seeing the guys I play with and against head off to college

BV: Today you play game 100 against Melbourne Tigers, which contains members of the State Championship game from 2008. How would you describe your rivalry there?
TW: I obviously don’t really like Melbourne but I mean that in a respectful way. We still carry a grudge from playing them in our junior years. It’s always a great game and we always have something to prove when we get out there.

BV: When did you start playing Big V?
TW: I started playing in bottom age Under 18s, I was 15 at the time, so 2013.

BV: What do you enjoy most about the club?
TW: The culture of the club. Just the vibe. I’ve been with the club for 11 years. It’s great to have guys who I looked up to now mentoring me as a player.

BV: How do you rate your team’s chances this season?
TW: I actually think we will shake things up a little in the finals providing we get there. We always tend to play better as the underdog.

BV: Did you ever think you would be playing in a milestone game like this one when you first started playing Big V?
TW: It wasn’t my idea to set out and play 100 games. I’ve really enjoyed and just wanted to keep going.

BV: So what are the goals for the rest of your career?
TW: Win a championship would be one, and I’d love to get my number retired.

BV: If you could offer any advice for young players what would it be?
TW: There is probably 3 bits of advice I would give.
1. No excuses – It’s up to you as a player to get it done.
2. Work hard outside of your club training. Shoot around, get to the gym, do individual etc.
3. Be coachable – Always make it fun for your coaches to have you around.

BV: Is there anyone you want to thank or give a shout out to?
TW: I’d like to thank all my team mates and coaches since I first started playing. SO many of them have helped me to get better as a player.
And massive thanks to my parents, getting me to training sessions before school, club training sessions and of course the games.

BV: Thanks Tommy. Congratulations on reaching 100 games.

Tommy will celebrate his 100th game this Sunday at Knox Basketball Stadium at 1.00pm against the Melbourne Tigers. Tickets are available at the door and are just $6 for adults and $3 for kids. Blackburn juniors in their uniform are admitted free.

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