Blackburn Vikings


We Want Moore! Bryan plays 250 Big V Games.


Big V Veteran Bryan Moore plays celebrates his 250th game this Sunday at Mullum Mullum Stadium at 3.00pm at the Blackburn Vikings take on the Keilor Thunder. We caught up with Bryan ahead of the milestone.

Blackburn Vikings: Hi Bryan, thanks for joining us. Tell us about your career, when did you start playing for Vikings and When did you start playing rep?
Bryan Moore: I started playing Blackburn in 2017, I started playing rep for the Nunawading Spectres at bottom age U12 in 1996.

BV: When did you start Big V/SEABL?
BM: I started my senior basketball career at Kilysth in the VBL in 2005, before playing SEABL from 2008.

BV: What made you come to Blackburn?
BM: My journey to Blackburn was an interesting one, I nearly moved the previous year but decided to play a season with my brother instead (you’re welcome Neal). My main driver for moving over in 2017 was giving the best opportunity to play finals and hopefully win it. While we weren’t able to go all the way the guys are all awesome to be around and make it all worth the Tuesday and Thursday night trainings in the near zero degree stadiums.

BV: How have you found the transition back to SCM?
BM: I knew coming back to SCM, that it would be tough for the guys to step up, as there’s a significant gap between SCM and Div 1, both in talent but in also the way the game is played. I think after a lot of close loses early on, we have turned the page the second half of the year which should put us in good stead for next year.

BV: Who has helped you along the way?
BM: My family has always been very supportive, my parents have hardly missed a game including all the domestic, rep and senior basketball I’ve played over the years. I’m very lucky to have their support.

I’ve had a lot of great coaches, some of them very different in their styles and opinions, but I’ve learned a lot about the game from all of them.

BV: Who have been your toughest opponents? What about team mates?
BM: The toughest opponent would probably be Cam Tragardh. In 2011 he torched me for 40, in game where I actually thought I played a lot of good defence. He was incredibly talented and played hard. We won the game however, so not all was lost!

My favourite team mates have been my brother, who I’ve played a lot of basketball with and know each other’s games inside and out.  The other has been Chris Payne who always had an unbelievable understanding of the game, to match being one of the best basketballs I have ever played with.

BV: What have been your greatest achievements?
BM: My greatest achievement would be the 2011 season where we took on a lot of big budget teams and weren’t that far off winning the championship. Having such a successful season with the best bunch of guys and wags will be one of my favourite memories from my basketball career.

BV: Thanks for joining us Bryan and good luck this Sunday as we celebrate your 250th!

Julie Mackinnon